the power of colour and mythe

The absolute ground zero of everything is its moment of origin.
Whosoever tries to comprehend than soon discovers that for such
an act, human powers are inadequate and that one has to take
recourse to a story, a speaking in pictures and imagery. From time
immemorial the beginning of everything has been the exclusive
domain of religion where the primal epic deals with the act of
creation by a god. It is a mythological first page in the book of all
reality, which from this intersection of all lines fans out in an inexhaustable richness, variety of colours and pluriformity. Ground
zero is the core, better, the essence, and contains everything in
an undeveloped and condensed form, like the chestnut carrying
inside itself the complete and sturdy tree that will grow from it. In
the end, when the tree blossoms and puts forth seeds, we really
have come back to the beginning, to the ovary from which the entire
cycle took its start.

pan-gu 110x100 cm

pan-gu 110×100 cm

The treshold and the abstraction
There is something very peculiar about this ground zero, this
nucleus of beginning. Because it is part of a cycle, a circle really,
you are forever on the road towards it although you are at the
same time moving away from it. Again, that is food for thought and
just like before, thinking is bound to fail here, for want of an
image. What is it that is required to get as close as possible to the
core, the nucleus with the help of an image? Evidently we will
have to concentrate and disregard anything non-essential. The
correct name for such a procedure is “abstraction”. We will have
to undertake a journey, departing from the phenomena and aiming
for the source. At the same time we must try to stand, with one
foot, on the treshold between thought and image.

Vital force and intellect
At the bottom ot the culture and the soul 01 very different peoples
an absolute connection between survival and thinking shimmers
through and also a link between mind and an ordered universe.
Between the blue sea and the blue heavens. between torrntess
vitality and channeling intellect, between the luminous thought that
projects limits and thus gives form on the one side and the blue
substance that supplies ‘content’ on the other. Vanhorck’s blue
paintings are pictorial stories of that first ‘native soil’ and of that
battleground from wich all things come forth and to wich everything
must return to replenish the lifeforce and to heal, to renew

the luminous breach in the blue foundations

mahabharata 160x160 cm

mahabharata 160×160 cm

the primal source of light and life

lugus 100x120 cm

lugus 100×120 cm


the eye scans reality
1978 – 1983
1978-1983to learn to know the people and things around you it is absolutely imperative to look for a long time and with great patience. with concentration vanhorck’s eye scans the subjects he is painting in this period. he practises a realism that tries to capture and visualise reality deeper than the skin.

the turning point and the way inside
1984 – 1989
1984-1989with vanhorck focussed attention leads to self-reflection and to a greater inner awareness. the painter becomes more explicitly aware of the act of painting itself. at this point he starts out on a road that leads inwards. as a result the sensuous reality he was capturing and in a sense fixated in his canvases becomes ‘mobile’. the abstract in depth structure of reality starts to become visible in all its oppositions and contrasts.

the search for structure
1990 – 1995
1990-1995observing what is going to develop out of the tension and turbulence, is the attitude, characteristic for this period. patience, followed by a discovering of the relations that, though hidden under the surface of things, in the end do create a fundamental order and structure. vanhorck is searching for foundations, and slowly develops a tighter grip on them.

the anatomy of foundations
1996 – 2001
1996-2001vanhorck realises that real insight cannot be combined with an all too strong grip on things that in this way are no longer allowed to ‘speak’ for themselves. he lets loose and lets go, observes with astuteness and waits to see if the turbulence of line and colour will spontaneously manifest relations.

the supporting power of the story
2002 – 2007
2002-2007the course of his work intuitively leads vanhorck in the direction of the place where the foundations of a society can be found. the mythology of a country or a time shows itself to be structure of society embodied in sound and image, accessible to everybody but also supported by a powerfull skeleton of concepts and thoughts.

from mythe to clear concept
2008 – present
2008-the analysing of the myths that givestructure and support to a society, spurs vanhorck onwards to liberate concepts ever more clearly from their narrative ‘shells’, and grasp them with the mind. now he combines his former intuitive approach with sharp and clear thinking. in this way he enters upon a new, more integrated and richer phase of his work.2008

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